Featured Artist, September: Ken Ferguson

Featured Artist, September: Ken Ferguson

Ken Ferguson

Ken Ferguson at workInnerleithen-based artist Ken Ferguson is self-taught and has been painting full-time since 1990.

“I have always been fascinated by the representation of distance – the wide open spaces of mountain tops and coastlines are a major source of inspiration. My early work concentrated on coastlines and lochs of northern and western Scotland but in 1993 a chance climb in the mountains of Torridon fired an enthusiasm for hill-walking and a lot of my work is influenced by this. There is nothing quite like a clear day high up in the mountains and I aim for that clarity of light in much of my work – whether it is mountain, beach or Venetian canal!

I work mainly in watercolour, though occasionally use acrylics. Seriously flawed colour vision has led me to a very limited palette and a largely tonal approach. Most of my paintings use only three or four colours at most (normally blues and browns) and I avoid reds and greens wherever possible. I often use snow in my work to extend the tonal range.”

The exhibition continues until the end of September.Ken Ferguson

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