Framing glass. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Framing glass. Now you see it, now you don’t.

If you think glass is glass, then look again.

At Tweed Art, we take our framing very seriously and we stock several different types of glass to go in front of your precious artwork, some of which give protection and a better image quality.

We have just taken delivery of a brand-new glass that gives you 1% reflection, allowing you to see the picture in good controlled lighting conditions.

True Colour SuperClear is produced to give virtually no reflection. This outstanding performance is thanks to a high quality coating on both sides of the glass, allowing exceptionally high light transmission and low reflection. The result leaves you thinking there is no glass in front of your picture.

There really is glass in the right hand side of the frame! If you don’t believe us, come into the gallery to ‘see’ it for yourself.

We will also give you expert guidance on mounts and frames, and advice on how to protect your artwork.

FREE UPGRADE to SuperClear glass, on all new framing orders made in June.

Bring in your painting, print, or anything else you want framed, during June and we will upgrade you from standard glass to our new non-reflective True Colour SuperClear glass for no extra cost.
Offer applies to all new bespoke framing orders made between 1st and 3oth June 2016 only.

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